How To Promote Your Medical Practice Event

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Hosting events at your medical practice is a way to increase patient retention, gain new patients and drive more revenue. How are you going to determine if your event was a success?  

Profit Is the Key Performance Indicator 

The key performance indicator is revenue. At RSI we find that quarterly events can add between $15,000 and $25,000 in revenue, resulting in up to $100,000 in additional revenue per year. The benefits your practice may reap from these events are not solely in profit, however; setting the atmosphere of your events also solidifies your brand.
"The key performance indicator is revenue."

Use Multiple Marketing Channels

The details of the event should find themselves on every marketing channel available to you. We recommend you begin cross-promoting as soon as the creative (artwork) is finalized.

  • Print flyers and posters and include them in your office waiting areas.
  • Add verbiage to the website in multiple places (homepage rotators, specials and/or events page).
  • Email your patient list.
  • Plug the event when scheduling new consultations via phone.
  • Post about the event on your social media channels.

Promote Early

One of the most common mistakes doctors make in marketing their event happens before they’ve even started. Too many practices fail to promote their event early enough. In order to capture early interest, you should begin your marketing and promotions at least six weeks in advance. You can advertise your event before every detail is finalized by utilizing language like “special pricing to be announced soon” or “additional details to follow” in order to tease future announcements.

Leverage Your Vendors

Vendors like Allergan®, Mentor® and CoolSculpting® want to be involved in your events. They can provide product, education and attendance, so be sure to let them know the details and leverage them for their insight into the market.

Set the Atmosphere

Securing attendees is only part of a successful event. On the day of the event make sure you deliver on your promises by including special pricing, creating an inviting atmosphere, providing educational materials and ensuring everyone feels welcomed and comfortable. Events are an opportunity to let your customer service shine.