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Securing website rankings is as easy as following a formula. Google outlines what you need to do in order to be successful in local search and if you play by their rules you will see the results you’re after. The hard part of driving profit is not securing high rankings, but the practice-specific follow through that comes after a user lands on your website. We’re talking about the design of your website, the quality of your content and the success of your lead management and patient acquisition processes.
"Rankings and search are only half the battle for elective healthcare practices."

Tactical Search Execution – Your Formula for Strong Search Results

High search rankings are only the first step in driving profits (and arguably the easiest step). Your search strategy should follow the best practices outlined by search engines and major databases like Facebook.

  • Location/Local Citations – Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. need to understand where your business is located. Your address should be consistent across all channels.
  • Keywords/On-page Optimization – Each page is limited to one to two keywords that allow a user to understand what that page is about. Every webpage should include a properly formatted and SEO-optimized page title (“Botox® in Jupiter, FL”), URL (ex: “/botox-jupiter/”) and body content.
  • Content – Your website needs to have meaningful, related and unique content in order to avoid penalties.

Profit Drivers After Search

As we mentioned, rankings and search are only half the battle for elective healthcare practices. If you do all the above and get new, organic visitors to the website you also need to be winning at these factors to convert the lead.

  • Website Design – If the website is not designed properly your new patient will drop off at this point. They should see something they can understand visually, which includes clear contact information and a strong call to action.
  • Lead Management / Patient Scheduling Processes – Do you have a process in place for answering phone calls and emails immediately? Are you able to get new patients on the calendar in less than 10 business days? Your lead management and patient scheduling processes go hand-in-hand and it is paramount to have a formal process in place that everyone on the phones can follow through with.
  • Patient Acquisition Experience – Your patient acquisition process refers to patients’ experience at the office. Are your goods and services displayed properly? Are you priced competitively?

We encourage you to think across the spectrum – from initial search best practices to your patient acquisition experience. Only when all of these profit drivers fit together do you have a good return on investment (ROI).