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Keeping your patients up-to-date on your contingency plans for non-essential medical appointments is key during these unexpected times. If you are switching to virtual consultations, you must consistently remind your patients of  the alternatives you provide. We recommend you post a reminder daily on social media and send an email to your existing patient list.

For your convenience, we have drafted an email communication that you can send to your patients. If you are interested in using this content, please don’t hesitate to copy and paste it into your campaign manager!

If you don’t have virtual consult software already, we recommend Zoom or Doxy.


SUBJECT: We are offering virtual consultations



To do our part in servicing the community and limiting contamination throughout the healthcare system, we are currently only seeing urgent/emergent care in-office.

For your convenience, we are now offering telemedicine visits for our patients to determine the need for an in-office visit due to an urgent/emergent matter, to handle routine care, for prescription refills, and to provide limited clinical care.

Medicare and most commercial insurance plans have substantially broadened access to telemedicine services, including waiving copays for telemedicine visits.



4 Steps to set-up a telemedicine visit with [Provider or Practice Name]

  • Step 1 – You can conveniently call or text [Practice Name] at [Practice Phone]. You can also schedule your virtual appointment directly on our website[LINK]
  • Step 2 – Our staff will schedule your virtual appointment and verify your insurance information.
  • Step 3 – Relax and wait for a phone call from one of our technicians to start your appointment
    • It is important you are ready for your call to start your telemedicine visit at the time of your scheduled appointment.
    • Please be aware our staff may call from an unfamiliar or blocked number.
    • If you miss a call, please return it as soon as possible
  • Step 4 – The technician will provide you instructions to start your video call  via [Video Conference/TeleMed Software] with your doctor


[Practice Name]