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Using technology means your dermatology staff accomplishes more in less time, which leads to a better patient experience and higher levels of patient satisfaction. To maintain efficiency and drive profits, your healthcare practice needs to incorporate technology.

Technology Needs For Your Practice

Technology allows your team, your doctors and your business to get more done with less time and effort, which means you can grow much more quickly and with far greater profit margins.
"When you leverage technology, you’re able to move faster and get more done in a shorter amount of time."

Put another way, practices that use technology throughout their entire patient acquisition process simply make more money. When you leverage technology, you’re able to move faster and get more done in a shorter amount of time. This leads to a team more satisfied with their jobs, patients with an overall better experience, and you as a practice owner making more revenue.

But what specific technology does your dermatology office need?
1. Phone and Email Management Systems
2. Marketing Data
3. Practice Management System
4. Marketing Automation

1. Phone And Email Marketing Systems

Your phone and email systems should connect to your practice management system. This means you need a cloud-based system, as well as open access for your phone system and your practice management system.

2. Marketing Data

Your marketing data, or the leads you’re generating from marketing and key performance indicators (KPI), should be available through a cloud-based system, or application program interface (API). The leads from your marketing should pump into your practice management system.

3. Practice Management System

In all of the checkpoints listed so far where data is coming in and out, you need analytics. You need to understand the conversion rates occurring here to leverage your efforts appropriately.

4. Marketing Automation

On the other side of the practice management system, you need marketing automation. You need to be able to automate simple redundant tasks like reminders, surveys, reputation management, etc. through your marketing automation. Again, API access, transferring data between these four parts of your patient acquisition process, is important.