Patient Acquisition KPIs For Medical Marketing

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Every business has a few numbers and associated leading activities which, monitored daily, can allow them to manage the business to the highest levels of success. Whether you are running the largest manufacturing plant in the world in the automotive industry or running a single doctor plastic surgery practice, you have to know your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A plastic surgery, dermatology, orthodontics, or ophthalmology practice is no different. No matter what size your practice is, if you and your team know the daily above metrics and conversion rates, you will consistently increase your profits and improve the quality of your patient engagement.
“If you manage and problem solve by your KPI’s, you should be able to generate the highest levels of profitability in your marketplace.”

It is just as important to allow your office team and vendors to work together in the most productive environment possible. Gone are the days of realizing a marketing campaign didn’t work, and you spent too much money for too long. Gone are the days of useless finger pointing amongst staff, vendors, and practice owners about assumptions of what is working or not working. Gone are the wasted hours and days of time trying to reconfigure performance metrics only to be ripe with error, causing compounding problems.

These KPIs also become the heartbeat of your practice in regards to where you will focus your time. Associated with each one of these KPIs are “leading activities” within the staff’s or vendor daily responsibilities. These are the most effective “levers” you can pull to improve your KPIs. The conversion rates are the glue that allows you to understand how units interact and leading activities are the first place you go to solve problems or improve performance. You exhaust all options associated with these leading activities before “assuming” other solutions will work better.

“If you want to spend more time with patients and making money and less time solving problems in your practice, move to a KPI management process. It will be the best thing you ever did.”

We guarantee if you monitor these metrics daily with your team and vendors, you will see a near-immediate positive impact to your bottom line, patient engagement quality, and overall practice team satisfaction.