How Content Marketing Impacts SEO for Medical Practices

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For years, marketing has revolved around the idea that content is king—or, in other words, that content is the most important aspect of marketing your practice. However, the rise of social media has led to changes in content marketing, specifically with regard to medical practices. Now, not only is the quality of your content important, but the activity (engagement) of your practice on social media is important as well. For businesses that focus on niche or elective services, it can feel more challenging to navigate content and SEO. Fortunately, there are several opportunities to have a successful content strategy that helps clients and boosts SEO rankings.
"Now, not only is the quality of your content important, but the activity (engagement) of your practice on social media is important as well."

Opportunity #1: Website

Within your website, you can demonstrate activity by doing the following:

Create new pages for procedures—Add these any time you have a new product or service.  

Post before and after photos—Schedule time every week to upload photos. This is where potential clients will spend 70% of their time on your site.  

Publish blogs—Write regularly on any products or procedures for which you are most interested in generating interest and income. Blogs can be only a few hundred words and outline any important aspects of these services, such as cost, recovery, etc.

When you demonstrate activity on your site, you help to boost your website’s rankings, getting your practice listed higher up on search results for your keywords and increasing the chances of conversions.

Opportunity #2: Social Media

Now, content is not only restricted to the website, but can and should expand onto social media platforms as well. Every time you post, you create content that can be associated back to your website. Remember to use relevant keywords in your captions, and take the time to engage with your audience.

Each exchange, whether that is a response to a review, a DM on Instagram, etc., provides you with the opportunity to add relevant keywords and link back to your website, ultimately increasing website activity.

Opportunity #3: Reviews

Search engines are more intelligent than ever before. As a result, they can also read reviews left about your practice. When responding to a Google review, include relevant keywords. Similarly, if you ask a client to provide a review, ask them to include the associated keywords as well. Though often overlooked, this content can can further enhance your SEO rankings.

Opportunity #4: Patient Marketing

Patient marketing is another integral piece in using content to your SEO advantage. This approach works by making the most of the client base that is already interested in your services.

Every time you market a new product or procedure to a patient and the patient clicks on the link, you are establishing direct traffic to your website. The larger the percentage of directly linked traffic to your domain name, the more activity is generated around your business, and the more favorably your website will be treated on search results.

Practicing all four of these opportunities on a regular and consistent basis generates activity on your website, which will ultimately improve your rankings.