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Whether you are a plastic surgeon, orthodontist, ophthalmologist, or any other medical professional, video marketing provides a huge opportunity to market yourself at a very low cost. If you have never engaged with video marketing before, you may be wondering how best to use this medium to boost your practice. Fortunately, there are several ways to incorporate video marketing into your medical practice. One way to think of video marketing is as though you are a TV network. When you create one video, you can syndicate it across several different channels.
"Video marketing provides a huge opportunity to market yourself at a very low cost."

Optimize for SEO

YouTube, the video search engine owned by Google, is an excellent opportunity to use your relevant keywords and enhance your SEO campaign. When you create and upload a video to YouTube, optimize the backend to include the relevant keywords associated with the video’s content. This provides exposure for your video within the YouTube search engine and will help potential clients find your services.

Utilize on Web Pages

Once a single video has been created, you can create more exposure by using the video as content on your website. Including a video on a web page is an excellent way to create a more active, lively, and interactive page that will draw patients to your practice through SEO and consumer engagement.

Promote on Social Media

A portion of your video can also be used on your social media channels to provide insight into how you—or your team—interacts with patients. Videos provide an added layer of information. More than what text can convey, they allow potential clients to feel connected to your practice on a personal level.

As with any marketing and social media, your video marketing should be:

Authentic—Make sure to be exactly who you are. Lack of authenticity is very apparent over video and could drive patients away.

Valuable—Content for the sake of content will not help your practice. Instead, view videos as an opportunity to provide useful insight to potential patients, so they feel motivated to engage with your content.  

Consistent—Video marketing takes time, and while it will not change the course of your practice overnight, it will help create momentum and interest in your services for the long term.