$15,000,000 In Gross Margin For Our First 50 Elective Health Clients During “Stealth Mode”

JUPITER, FL (March 11, 2013) – RSI (RSI) the industry leader in maximizing client revenue by objectively managing, executing, and measuring patient acquisition and retention marketing, today announced the successful completion of their Integrated Marketing and Patient Acquisition Platform.

The RSI Platform allows elective health care professionals to generate the most amount of profits possible from new and existing patient marketing initiatives. A consistent, immediate, and transparent process is achieved by integrating the marketing and patient acquisition process into one platform. The platform provides all key performance indicators (KPIs) for return on investment (ROI) analysis while offering insight for future decision making.

The birth of the Integrated Marketing and Patient Acquisition Platform occurred in 2011 with adapted technology and services designed to assist “Enterprise or Fortune 500” advertising solutions to the local business advertiser. Since 2011, the platform has been Beta tested on over 100 clients, during which 1,000 online and offline marketing campaigns have taken place and more than 20,000 consultations have been scheduled.

Our numbers also include:
• $15,000,000 in surgeon gross-margin for our first 50 elective health clients
• more than 15,000 new patient appointments completed
• more than 45,000 new patient leads created and/or managed
• 32.9% Lead to Attended – Appointment rate on leads created and/or managed
“Our continued mission is to maximize our “local business” client’s profits by objectively planning, executing, and measuring customer acquisition and retention,” said Jason Tuschman, President and Co-Founder. “Our platform will only continue to expand in 2013 as we launch our enhanced client reporting, and expand the services of our reputation management and lifecycle marketing technology.”

The RSI platform includes support with premier website design, search engine optimization (SEO), creative services, and industry specific private labeled lead management. This allows our clients to provide greater attention to serving in-office patients and increasing profitability. RSI’s platform fees are far less than the average cost of an in-office practice employee.

About RSI

RSI (RSI) delivers its software and marketing services by developing, managing, and automating the patient acquisition and retention process based on its client’s exact return on investment (ROI) from their marketing investments. RSI’s client’s have generated more than $15,000,000 in new patient fees and more than 27,000 patient consultations since 2011.

RSI’s Solution Options Include:
Practice Software (Profit & Loss Reporting By Marketing Channel, Phone & Email Scheduling Analytics, Lead Management & Patient Re-marketing Automation, Automated Reminders, Online Reputation Management)
Lead Management & Patient Scheduling Call Center
Marketing Services (Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Marketing, General Creative Strategy, Account Management