RSI and Symplast Discuss Medical Practice Growth Strategies for 2020

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Since RSI and Symplast announced their partnership in September to integrate their software, and with the New Year quickly approaching, the CEOs of each company wanted to give their predictions on trends for 2020.

How Will Practices Successfully Market Themselves in 2020?

RSI CEO Jason Tuschman: “The most successful practices from a marketing perspective will “own” their marketing! The age of the overpriced under-delivering local advertising agency is dead. Technology and employee education/experience coupled with industry dynamics of social media and consumer engagement driving organic search results will allow local businesses to win the marketing game. There is no magic black box anymore – engaging, genuine and valuable consumer content (video, imagery, etc.) providing educational value and brand support wins!”

How Will Search Engine Optimization Change in the Upcoming Year?

RSI CEO Jason Tuschman: “Organic search will not deliver the same volume it used to. Google will continue to increase paid ad exposure to drive profits, while at the same time, shrink geography exposure by zip code, forcing organic users into paid ads to achieve visibility outside of their nearest zip codes. This means even first page rankings’ organic value will deteriorate due to ad exposure increases to consumers before they get to your first organic ranking.”

What is the Major Theme We Will See within the Plastic Surgery Industry?

Symplast Founder Shashi Kusuma, MD: “The increasing competition within the aesthetic industry for non-surgical treatments is spurring the adoption of digital methods by plastic surgeons. I think the major theme we will see in plastic surgery in 2020 is the desire to really, finally, embrace and explore how technology can help plastic surgeons scale their non-surgical revenue streams. Minimizing the amount of physical time that a plastic surgeon is required to commit to surgical patients post-op is a logical, mutually beneficial opportunity for improvement. Technology, particularly telehealth and telemedicine, will be the impetus that drives this transition.”

How Can Practices Utilize Technology to Expand Their Business in 2020?
Symplast Founder Shashi Kusuma, MD: “We are working as a society on space tourism and visiting and colonizing Mars. We can order anything on our mobile devices and have it delivered to our doorstep that evening or dropped off by a drone. We are entering an era of complete autonomous driving. In this new world we are building, why are we using 25-year-old technology, even older workflows and 100-year-old ideas in practice operations, documentation and patient experiences?

We need to move into our own next evolution and innovation in our operations and utilize cutting-edge mobile technologies, AI operational tools, customized patient engagement strategies, multimedia centric contextual documentation, and tele/virtual visitations. The technology is here and now and is only accelerating at an awesome pace. Embrace the change.”

If you’re interested in learning more on any of the topics discussed above, RSI and Symplast will be presenting at the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons Forum on Dec. 13 at The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL. Jason Tuschman will be presenting at 11:50am-12:10pm on “Own Your Future, Own Your Marketing”, and Dr. Kusuma will speak at 12:20-12:25pm on “2020: The Year Telehealth Transforms Plastic Surgery”.