New Product and Service Checklist

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Successfully launching a new product or service effectively is totally possible in an aesthetics office.

Successful Launch

It’s totally possible to favorably launch something new out into the marketplace to your existing patient base with two simple steps: 1. Integrate—leverage all the marketing channels you have in a synergistic fashion. 2. Plan and work with your team—If you don’t involve your team and instead just share information on the internet or put up flyers in the office, you’ll have a lower conversion rate.
"Successfully launching a new product or service effectively is totally possible in an aesthetics office."

Integrated Marketing

Web: Have a page on your website for your new product or service. Use web pop-ups for the first 30 days or so of the new product launch.
Social Media: Have a multi-step approach with social media. Start with an announcement on your social channels. A couple days later, have a discussion with the doctor or aesthetician about it. Use patient interaction either through a live consultation or live video of someone trying the procedure or service, or before and after. It’s a three-pronged approach.
In-Office: You want to market the new service or product in your office through traditional means—posters, flyers, or a check-out discussion. Make sure these things are in place and ready to go in the office.

By using all of these tools, you’re integrating three different mechanisms to market the program. Finally, be sure to email your database so they’re aware of the new product or service as well.

Team Training

Value proposition: make sure the team understands this concept. When you’re using a new product or service, leverage the corporate marketing materials available to you to teach and educate your team on the new product or service.
Corporate Training: utilize the corporate training documents. They’ll have best practices, market knowledge and before-and-after case studies. Leverage the corporate information that’s available.
Have a kick-off program: Start within the office and incentivize the appropriate people for the first 30 days.
Strong Event: Have an amazing event that markets to your entire patient database. It’ll help raise awareness and get the word out to everyone.