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It’s time to reward members of your staff with promotions or pay increases. Do you know the best practices to go about this? Some of the best ways to reward your team members are with recognition, movement in his or her career, and financial incentives. These different rewards are an opportunity to create strong bonds with your team members who deserve recognition. However, it is also a way to fail. Not recognizing the right people at the right time can cause frustration within your team. This also detracts from a clear road map to the future featuring those team members. It is often said that success breeds success. Rewarding your team members with new career pathways and goals is a way to take their proven success and keep it moving towards the future.
"Some of the best ways to reward your team members are with recognition, movement in his or her career, and financial incentives."

Rewarding Your Team is Mutually Beneficial

Giving promotions and pay increases to your staff is a mutually beneficial endeavor. You will have a happier team. Words of praise increase team morale and happiness, which in turn increases patient engagement and provides you with more committed team members. A more energized team will also provide an opportunity for internal growth in your practice. A combination of these can make your practice more successful.

You have to ask yourself if the career path that you are forging aligns with the practice that you want. Do you want long-standing members on your team? Do you want high morale? These are all things you can create by giving your team members the recognition they deserve for their hard work and dedication.

Rewarding a team member with a promotion or a pay increase should take two steps. First, have a one-on-one conversation. This helps build a stronger relationship with your team members and allows for discussion on their individual career paths. Next, announce the new incentive to the office as a team. This helps motivate the team members all over again and shows the other office members that there are incentives available for good work.

Tenure Doesn’t Equal Reward

Keep in mind that you should not base promotions and raises on tenure. Longevity does not necessarily indicate productivity. A newer team member may have performed better than someone who has been there for an extended period of time. Reward action, not time. Additionally, don’t pass up an opportunity to thank your team. Engage with them and reward them whenever you can.

Overall, these techniques will increase your team members’ morale, which will create a stronger team and practice.