Is Your Medical Practice Staffed for Growth?

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If you have recently started a medical practice or are in the beginning stages of opening, you may not know the right way to staff your practice for growth. You have to be prepared for all of the unexpected and unforeseen challenges that will come with opening. The first thing you need to do is think about when you will begin your hiring process. Then, you should consider who you’ll hire and what vetting process you will use. The main issue with hiring is that, as your practice will age, you need to have dependable workers who will be strategic and handle administrative responsibilities.
"The main rule to follow when opening a practice and hiring staff is to staff as you grow."

As your practice begins to grow, you will have less time to personally handle administrative and strategic tasks. Hiring staff that can handle these tasks is important to the continued growth of your practice. 

The main rule to follow when opening a practice and hiring staff is to staff as you grow. You don’t want to overhire employees at the beginning and not have enough revenue to pay the staff. Additionally, you do not want to under-staff and start underprepared. Hiring as you grow allows you to prioritize based on revenue potential. 

In the initial stages of your practice, you should be handling as much administrative business and tasks that you can. You will learn more about how to operate and run the practice, and you will save money. 

Who Do You Need to Hire to Run a Medical Practice?

The first hire that you should make is a reliable, well-rounded front desk associate. This person should be a jack-of-all-trades that can help you establish and open the business. As the business continues to grow, you will want to hire a patient coordinator. This patient coordinator should be able to lead the patients through a positive engagement process. 

As your practice matures and you begin to be on a three or four-day open period, you will want a general manager. Even though you are hiring all of these people, you will still want to be involved and aware of any changes to the software or operating steps. Being aware saves you from being stranded when one of your employees is unable to come into work due to sickness or another life event. 

In the conclusion of your hiring process, you should always balance your admin time to work on these things and learn them as you continue to grow. By finding your balance, you will save yourself a lot of time and you will make more money.