Follow-Up Strategy for Increased Patient Attendance

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A personal follow-up strategy is incredibly important. A personal follow-up drives patient attendance and conversion rates and is also essential to the patient acquisition process. Adding this personal touch is simple, easy and extremely effective. Here’s how to productively implement a personal follow-up strategy in three steps:
  1.  Develop a relationship with the patient.
  2.  Follow-up after a consultation.
  3. Make personal follow-ups a standard operating process.
"A personal follow-up drives patient attendance and conversion rates and is also essential to the patient acquisition process."

How Do I Develop A Relationship With A Patient?

After an appointment has been scheduled with a high-value purchaser or a potential consumer, make a quick 10- to 15-minute phone call with them. Ask the individual about their interests, such as:

  • What is driving them to consider the aesthetic procedure in your plastic surgery office or dermatology office?
  • When are they considering having the procedure? What’s the timeframe look like?
  • How are they planning to cover the expenses? Will they be paying with cash, do they need financing or is it a combination of both?

The number-one purpose of the phone call is to develop a relationship with the patient. This can be done with a series of questions, and by using a good scheduling process.

By understanding their wants and needs, as well as their timeline and financial capabilities, it helps you have a better, more informed consult and develop that personal relationship.

Follow-Up The Consultation With A Personal Phone Call

Instead of sending an email right away or mailing a letter, make an actual phone call first. This should be done 2 or 3 days after the consult. Ask the consumer if:

  •  You answered all the questions they have.
  •  They are interested in getting scheduled on the calendar now.
  •  There are any financial issues they want or need to review.
  •  They have questions about how you are different from your competitors.

It’s also really important to understand whether the consumer has been anywhere else after their consult with you. By asking the questions above, you have an opportunity to vet your competition in the eyes of the consumer.

Implement Follow-Ups As A Standard Operating Procedure

Investing in a consumer upfront helps create long-term improvement. Go ahead and make the personal follow-up a standard operating process at your office or business. Be sure you know who will do it and when the follow up will happen. If you invest even a small amount of personal time from the beginning, you’re going to increase attendance rates and conversion rates, and have a much more efficient patient acquisition process.