5 Social Media Tools Your Practice Needs

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First and foremost, you need to have the right architecture and infrastructure as a practice to make social media successful and productive for you. But you also need the right tools to execute on your social media. Do you have them? Here’s what you need: 1. A Media Plan 2. A Dedicated Social Media Team Member 3. An iPhone 8 (or better)/Gimbal 4. Hootsuite Account 5. ROI Tracking
"The social media plan is focused on what’s going to drive your personal interests and professional interests."

1. Create A Social Media Plan

As we discussed in Episode 27, the social media plan is like the North Star for your business or practice. It’s not just marketing. The social media plan is focused on what’s going to drive your personal interests and professional interests. Then, you layer your social media into those interests on a monthly basis, so you have an integrated plan.

2. Find A Dedicated Team Member

Look for an employee or staff member who is committed to doing the physical work. It’s not that time-consuming. Don’t get overwhelmed with how “complicated” social media is, or that you don’t understand it. Just start working.

Have a dedicated person to do social media work. This person should be able to shoot film/video and take photos. They should also be able to plan and execute when to shoot the film/video/photos according to the social media plan.

3. Invest In The Right Equipment

Luckily, you don’t need that much equipment for social media content. We recommend investing in an iPhone 8; it’s perfect for what you need. Even an iPhone 6 or better will do. You also need to purchase a Gimbal for the iPhone. This will help hold the camera still while you’re shooting photos and videos. Pro tip: always hold the camera in a horizontal position, the same way your TV displays images.

4. Use Hootsuite To Manage Social Media Content

To manage the content you’re developing, you need a platform to track and organize posts and feeds. We recommend using Hootsuite, which gives you the ability to manage content, post content and turn it on or off, depending on your social media strategy. Additionally, you can monitor several social media channels simultaneously.

Costs for Hootsuite run between $29 and $130 per month, depending on the capabilities you want. Hootsuite also gives users the first-round fundamental analytics about how your social media is performing, including engagement, followers, feedback and more.

5. ROI Tracking

To understand your return on investment (ROI), you need to track your social media content, including exposures, impressions and likes. By measuring the ROI, you’ll be able to understand which of your social media channels are the most effective, and which channels may need extra attention.

But you also need to go further—follow leads all the way through – into your office and into your practice management system. When you combine these social media tools with a powerful social media plan, you’ll start seeing results and growth in your practice or business.