Choosing the Right Medical Marketing Company

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Selecting the right marketing company for your practice is an extremely important decision. Your marketing company is not just there to tell you how to do things; they’re there to be a strategic partner, responsible for driving revenue into your practice. When evaluating a marketing company, we recommend breaking it down into two subject matters: services and software.  

Medical Marketing Services

It is essential you look into how the company can best serve you as far as return on investment (ROI), domain knowledge, and reducing your workload. Below are several of the key services a marketing company needs to offer to improve your practice.
"A company’s website and SEO capabilities can play a significant role in generating new patients to your practice."

Website & SEO Capabilities

A company’s website and SEO capabilities can play a significant role in generating new patients to your practice. You should do some research to find objective references through companies like SEM Rush and Google Analytics to see how the company has performed for past clients.

Instead of solely relying on a verbal reference from another practice, look at the objective data on what they’ve done on a year-over-year basis for that practice. Also, find out how much money the company has made the practice on a month-to-month basis. That’s actual performance, not just clicks and impressions.

Account Management

The account management team is an essential component of a marketing company, so it is important you understand their capabilities and what they can do for your practice.

Media Planning

Rather than acting out in a reactionary way, your marketing company can help you create an in-depth media plan that allows you to have a long-term view on an annual or quarterly basis.

Event Planning

We believe strongly in utilizing a company that has event planning capabilities. As discussed in episode 11, events can make the average practice an additional $100,000 per year, so we recommend you ensure your marketing service offers support for high level event planning.

Creative Services

Creative services exist to support account management and media and event planning. Does the marketing company you’re looking into have the creative services necessary to make you successful? Do they have graphic designers, a content team and SEO experts? Do they provide digital, as well as print services? These are all important questions you should be asking.

Medical Marketing Software & Technology

A company’s software should help you increase ROI and measure ROI, but ultimately what you want out of software is scale. You want to be able to achieve more with fewer resources. With the assistance of software and automation, you can take some of the workload off your practice.

ROI Tracking

In addition to tracking your marketing channels, you should be able to track key metrics across the entire practice, for example, your lead-to-schedule performance.

Marketing Automation

This feature enables you to send surveys to your consumers and check your online reviews in real-time. It also allows you to market to your consumers at a retention level based on your exact relationship with them.

So, when selecting a marketing company, this is the decision criteria we believe you should go through. We hope this helps you make the right choice and scale your practice to new heights.