The Roles of a Medical Marketing Team

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How do you set up your team and your communication protocol so you can execute your marketing program at the highest level of profitability? We’re going to discuss below how you can do this most effectively.

The Office Manager

Your office manager should take the lead on setting up an efficient process. He or she should be the person managing vendors, taking charge of the media plan, and communicating to the office regarding performance metrics and any changes made to the plan.
"Your office manager should take the lead on setting up an efficient marketing process."

The Front Desk

The front desk is your lead-to-schedule rate. How effective is the front desk in capturing those leads and scheduling them in? Do they have the right tools? Do they have enough time? Are we eliminating competing priorities so your front desk staff can be as successful as possible? The top key performance indicators (KPIs) they should be working on for you is lead-to-schedule rate and schedule-to-attendance rate.

Now, once you have these rules in place, how are you managing the team to review their performance to ensure you’re consistently improving?

Team Review

First, you should have a set weekly marketing and patient acquisition performance review meeting. It should consist of about 15 to 30 minutes of simply reviewing your return on investment (ROI). What is the ROI of the media plan you have in place? What are the KPIs for the prior week with regard to the number of leads you had vs. how many patients were scheduled? How many actually attended their appointments? Finally, you’ll want to go over how many total patients were acquired – how much money did you make?

So, to recap, review your ROI, patient scheduling KPIs, how much money the practice made, and what your conversion rate was. If you keep those metrics in place and communicate weekly with your team, you’re going to be much more effective at executing on the most opportunistic situations going forward with your media plan.

In addition to meeting weekly, we also suggest you meet with your team on a quarterly basis. This meeting should be more of a planning session – how did we do the past quarter vs. a year ago? Did we execute on our media plan? Did we have any major issues? What are we doing over the next 90 days, and do we want to make any changes based on the results from the prior 90 days? You should still review ROI and KPIs for lead management, but you also want to take a step back and look at how you did against the prior year/quarter and make adjustments going into the next quarter.

If you follow this set up and have consistent communication with your team, we are confident you will see significant improvements and increased profitability in your practice.