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Both YouTube and LinkedIn are great social networks to utilize for branding your plastic surgery practice. While YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (next to Google), LinkedIn is widely used for both business to business marketing (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) marketing. Plastic surgeons and other elective healthcare physicians can leverage both short-form and long-form videos on these channels.

YouTube for Branding Your Medical Practice

YouTube’s platform is ideal for thought leadership, opinions on new subject matter in the aesthetics industry, showcasing new equipment for the office, or for explaining the value of a potential service to a consumer. A long-form video format, with more detailed content, makes sense in these instances. You want to make sure the client or the potential consumer is prepared for the length of the video.
"Both YouTube and LinkedIn are great social networks to utilize for branding your plastic surgery practice."

Shorter videos can and should be created for YouTube. Quick “how to” or explainer videos are commonly searched for on this channel. These videos can also be distributed across other social media platforms to drive consumers to your YouTube page and your practice’s website.

Types of Videos Effective For Plastic Surgery Marketing

  • Explainer Videos (i.e. “How to” videos)
  • Product Review Videos
  • Company Culture Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Testimonials

There are extensive analytics present in YouTube, and your practice should leverage the data once you start pushing your content out. This will help you learn how to make more engaging videos, allowing you to gain more viewers in the long run. You want to measure consumer engagement and monitor the average viewing time for your videos.

In addition, you want to measure and understand whether your viewers are sharing the videos and how many subscribers you gain. Let this objective data shape how you produce videos in the future. Most importantly, always be authentic and genuine in your video’s message.

LinkedIn for Branding Your Medical Practice

LinkedIn is also a great branding opportunity for plastic surgery marketing. This platform is another network with a lot of users. On LinkedIn you can interact with consumers, other businesses and prospective employee candidates.

Using this channel, you want to send a message that creates value for your plastic surgery practice in the marketplace. You can use LinkedIn to appeal to aestheticians looking for new opportunities, and to reach out to other doctors (i.e. potential partners).

LinkedIn allows you to foster thought leadership in order to create an authoritative persona for yourself.

LinkedIn’s platform is a great place to use photos, videos and the written word. You also have the ability to engage with direct messaging, so make sure you take advantage of that.

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