Ways to Use Your Unused Surgery Center

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Your surgery center and office may be closed for cosmetic purposes but there are many ways you can keep business going by focusing on your medical patients and the needs of your local community.1. Remind Your Existing Patients You are Open for Medical AppointmentsEmail your existing patients to remind them that you can be called for essential treatments. Most patients don’t know what is considered medically necessary so this is a good time to educate them and help them avoid going to an ER or an urgent care center if they know you can treat them in a low-risk environment with fewer people around.  

2. Share Your Availability on Social Media 
Just like in the email you send to patients, use your social media profiles as a platform to educate your followers on what medically necessary means and why it’s more beneficial to make an appointment at your practice rather than an urgent care clinic.


Subject: We are still open for your medical needs
Even though our cosmetic procedures have been put on hold, we are still available to see you for medically necessary treatments.
What is a medically necessary treatment?
These procedures or supplies are necessary for facilitating the diagnosis or treatment of an illness, injury, condition, or disease.
Some examples of treatments we are still offering

  • Reconstructive surgery for skin/breast cancer patients
  • Treatment of animal bites
  • Treatment of lacerations
  • Post-op care

Why is it better to visit [Your Practice Name] rather than an urgent care clinic for these procedures?
Hospitals and urgent care clinics are inundated with COVID-19 patient testing and care. Some are so busy that they are not accepting non-COVID-19 patients. Using your local [your industry] for these common medical needs provides a low risk and safe environment for your treatment. We can manage our waiting rooms much easier than the overcrowded healthcare centers and minimize your exposure to other people.
Call to make an appointment or make an appointment online for your medical needs.
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3. Run Paid Placement Campaigns That Target Local Urgent CaresCreate ads on Google AdWords that target key phrases like “urgent care near me”, “stitches near me”, etc. If you don’t have a PPC or AdWords manager, talk to your current SEO manager or website manager about how to get a paid placement proposal with recommended target areas, phrases, and daily budget.4. Offer Your Facility to Local Urgent Care Clinics and HospitalsCall your local hospitals and urgent care clinics to find out if they are accepting non-COVID-19 cases. If they are not, ask them what they are doing for patients they need to refer to other providers. Let them know your facility is available to see non-COVID-19 patients and provide a list of services you are able to offer.