Social Media & SEO Marketing in the Medical Industry

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The elective health care industry is extremely competitive. To succeed, you not only have to sell yourself and your practice, but you have to learn how to leverage all the tools available to you in order to be seen. To maximize practice visibility, you must constantly be working to improve your organic search rankings. One of the ways you can do this is by utilizing social media. The prevalence of social media has made waves in both the personal lives and the business lives of modern Americans, revolutionizing how we engage with others and the world. With this in mind, it’s easy to see that how a business uses social media has a clear and definitive correlation to their organic search rankings.
"Keep up with your organic SEO site structure, content access, and local citations to continue improving your rankings."

Though it’s difficult to measure exactly how much social media activity impacts ranking improvement – primarily because search engines keep their ranking algorithms in a black box – there is no doubt there is a significant impact.

Social Activity

The first factor to consider is the activity level of your social media platforms. Don’t simply look at activity coming from your office; judge what your activity on the platform is, and the consumer activity associated with your practice.

Mobile activity is of particular interest. It’s essentially common knowledge that Google has recently made a multitude of different mobile phone technology acquisitions. There is a reason for this. Google wants to understand where customers are on the internet, and they want to be able to associate that with business and business performance.

Online Reviews

People in the elective health care industry talk a lot about reviews – and for good reason. The more online reviews are put into Google, the more interested parties will understand you have an active business that’s making a positive influence in the community.

Success breeds success, and positive reviews are going to improve your rankings and draw in customers. A potential client who sees you have good Google reviews is going to go out and look at other rankings from other sites, and will likely peruse your website and social media, so as important as reviews are, the content you publish must also be a priority.


Whether it’s reviews from your consumers or the content you’re publishing on Instagram or Facebook, make sure you’re leveraging keywords just like you would in your organic search efforts.

Specifically, take the time to include words consumers will be using to search for your site. This is going to help your rankings, as utilizing keywords allows the search engines to connect content, social media, and keyword usage with what your website is about, making a stronger correlation and raising your rankings in the system.

Keep up with your organic SEO site structure, content access, and local citations to continue improving your rankings. You’ll want to begin tracking and pushing for increased activity in regards to reviews, content, and mobile views. All these will help drive up your rankings in the mid-to-long term, so make sure it’s a part of your game plan. With consistency and patience, you’ll see positive results.