RSI Integrates with Zoom Meetings to Provide Nextech Customers with 1-Click Virtual Consultation Technology

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RSI, the leader in profit-driven patient acquisition and retention technology announces the release of fully integrated, HIPAA compliant, virtual consultation technology. With the changing format of health care consultations, RSI recognized a need to simplify the patient coordinator’s process of scheduling and setting up virtual visits.

Virtual visits have become more popular in the last several years, mostly catering to those out-of-town patients who plan to travel for their procedure. The technology has also made it easier for immobile or elderly patients to see their doctors and for patients with mental health concerns to receive therapy from the comfort of their own home.

For the last several weeks, however, virtual visits have become the only way that patients can consult with their doctors for non-urgent medical treatments. For practice and providers that are opting into this new form of patient communication, they are struggling to find a quick and seamless way to vet out software, set up the technology, train their staff and start using the tool in their daily operations.

The Problem

If a practice is using a practice management system that doesn’t offer virtual visit tools, they are forced to purchase a third party software that is not connected to their schedule or their EHR. The patient coordinators now have to update meeting information in two places, the virtual meeting software, and the PM system. Sometimes even three places if the practice uses yet another system to manage automated patient communication. Working with multiple systems that are not connected to each other leaves the door open for error caused by information being updated in one system but not in another. This makes the practice vulnerable to confusion and frustration caused by miscommunication between the staff and with the patients.

As in any business, the more disjointed your data systems and software tools are, the more disjointed your communication is with your internal staff, which bleeds out to your customers. When you are implementing new software to your team, it’s important to remember that, generally, people are very resistant to change so you want to make the experience with the new software as easy as possible for the employees that will be using it. The more complex a new process is, the less likely employees will adopt it. As a business owner, you are constantly thinking about long term benefits and solutions, however, your employees (aka your patient coordinators and providers) are typically more focused on the short term. New technology needs to satisfy both.

The Solution

The collaboration between RSI, Zoom and Nextech brings a fragment-free solution to telehealth, patient acquisition, patient scheduling, and patient retention. Medical practices can now take full advantage of fully integrated technology that supports both the virtual visit and the traditional, in-person visit.


RSI virtual consultation solutions provide:

  • Virtual consult appointment types that can be scheduled by patient coordinators in Nextech or RSI’s customer portal and by the patient through online scheduling.
  • 1-click Zoom meeting set up on the appointment and patient records.
  • Automated instructions for the Zoom meeting to the patient in their appointment reminders via text and email.
  • HIPAA-Compliant, Zoom video links that can be sent automatically in reminders or on-demand via email or text.
  • Push and pull data integration so that patient coordinators only have to update appointment information in one place and it will automatically be updated across all systems.


To assist practices in setting up virtual consultation solutions, RSI offers a 1-on-1 onboarding process with a customer success team member. The 1-on-1 service provides the client with a dedicated contact at RSI that will assist in setting up the technology, train your staff how to use it and offer best practice for processes and marketing efforts for your practice to be successful in setting up a pipeline of future procedures when your business is able to re-open. 


“Right now, our vision is that we are dealing with this pandemic at an economic level for at least the next six months. We think there will be challenges in the economy. This is not going to be, as some have said, a light switch that turns back on and everything gets flowing.” – Jason Tuschman, CEO & Founder


The more you do now to complete consultations, book future procedures, and collect deposits for those procedures, the better you will be set up for a successful re-opening. The practices that will suffer the most coming out of these unusual times are the ones that treated it like downtime. These are the times to engage with patients more than you ever have before. From continuing consultations virtually to staying active on social media platforms. Stay top of mind so that when we go back to business as usual, your schedule will be as full as possible. Those who remain dormant during this time will re-open with virtually empty schedules. No pun intended!


Stay engaged. Stay virtual. Stay competitive.