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No one likes a dead lead. Today, however, we’re going to discuss how to target dead leads to try and acquire them as new patients. The definition of a dead lead is a potential patient who has never been into your practice, but who has given you their contact information and the procedure they are interested in. Now, a general rule is that a lead is not “dead” until they’ve unsubscribed from your content. Here, we’re going to define “unsubscribed” as more than just unfollowing your social media profile or unsubscribing from your email content.
"Even leads you have lost direct contact with are still leads; nurture the relationship with them."

In this context, “unsubscribed” means the potential patient requested to no longer be contacted by your business at all.

It might help to look at it this way: you’re in an incredibly competitive environment and it costs a lot of money to acquire a lead. You want to extract the most value out of that lead in order to help grow your business and service your consumers.

Now we get to the tricky part, how do you work with dead leads? You have several different tools at your disposal when it comes to dead leads.


The first thing you want to do with a lead is schedule them for an appointment. We recommend reaching out to potential patients multiple times, through phone and email, on the first day of contact, and then on the second day, the fifth day, and the tenth day. This establishes that you have a strong and productive follow-up practice with them. If they still don’t schedule an appointment, it’s more efficient to drop them to your marketing automation.

Marketing Automation

Your practice should be using software that helps you retarget leads within your practice management database so they will reach back out to you when the timing is right. With this in mind, the marketing automation should be specific to the consumer and the procedure they are interested in.

Social Media

Social media is going to be the epicenter of your relationship with the consumer. If your social media is managed with genuine interest, strong value, and consistency, this will maintain engagement with that lead throughout the re-acquisition process. Keep your social media updated with products and procedures that are garnering the most interest from your leads.


Using social media and marketing automation, regularly advertise events that are relevant to the interests of your consumers. Eventually, you’re going to catch them at the right time and bring them back to the practice, whether this is one month or one year into the future.

Even leads you have lost direct contact with are still leads; nurture the relationship with them. By aiming your social media at all your leads and interacting with consumers through them, you give them the opportunity to come back to your practice for something more than a consultation. Through planning regular events and talking to your leads with precision, we guarantee you’re going to have fewer dead leads and a lot more profits.