RSI Surpasses 20 Practice Management System Integrations

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RSI (RSI), the nation’s leading patient acquisition company for plastic surgery, dermatology, orthodontic and ophthalmology practices, generates and optimizes patient acquisition and retention through proprietary ROI-tracking software. RSI is the only marketing automation platform monitoring and enhancing practice return-on-investment through its proprietary data synchronization across 20 practice management systems.

Aesthetic and elective healthcare medical practices risk millions of dollars in lost profits without the patient acquisition and retention data and systems that RSI provides. Synchronizing its analytics and automation platform with its clients’ practice management systems enables RSI to track the revenue and ROI generated from the practice’s marketing and patient acquisition activities.

“RSI is the only marketing and patient acquisition platform in the industry actually providing real time return-on-investment analytics for its clients. Many marketing firms propose to monitor practice ROI and revenue but in reality never acquire the actual data for the client due to a lack of the necessary technology. This lack of technology leads to significant lost profits for associated practices with these firms due to lack of understanding of the actual patient acquisition process. If you’re not measuring revenue and ROI associated with your marketing and patient acquisition, you’re leaving money on the table!” stated CEO and Founder, Jason Tuschman.

Once a practice’s PMS is synced with RSI’s platform, it allows the practice to automate their marketing efforts as well as measure their marketing and patient acquisition ROI. All key performance indicators associated with the practice’s entire patient acquisition process are easily understood so that optimization of the entire process can occur.