Local Business Owners, Don’t Be Impressed With Impressions!

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Are you a small business owner who is constantly bombarded with phone calls and emails from potential marketing partners promising instant results? From pay-per-click management services and search engine optimization (SEO) gurus to masters in retention marketing and customer retargeting, there are no shortage of options for spending your marketing budget. Everyone wants to tout the number of impressions, views, clicks or visits that they can deliver, but are impressions really a true measure of an effective marketing strategy?

Below are three reasons why, at most, impressions are a high level measure of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and, at worst, an overused metric with very little impact on your marketing ROI.

Impressions or views are not necessarily a measure of interest

Many traditional media channels like to talk about the number of views or impressions that their outlets can generate. While the numbers they throw out sound impressive; they don’t really tell the true story. How many potential customers, consumers that have the interest and means to purchase, will see this channel and actually take action? All the impressions in the world mean nothing if they don’t drive through your sales channel and generate revenue.

High Volume is less important than Targeted Traffic

Many digital marketing providers like to talk about website traffic generation or the number of visitors to your site. But site visits alone should really only be one piece of the overall online strategy. Many sites, while visually appealing, are not designed to optimize customer conversation. With our optimized design strategy, we see our clients visitor-to-lead rate jump from 1.5% to nearly 3% simply based on the layout and design of a website.

Additionally, SEO is more than about generating as much traffic as possible to your site. A solid SEO strategy focuses on generating traffic based around the primary key words, along with a direct link to your profitable goods or services. Getting visitors to your site, only to have them find out that you don’t actually offer a service or sell a given brand is just as frustrating in the digital world as it is in the real world.

Clicks and Visits are only good if they generate revenue

Generating clicks and visits is only of value if the visitors to your site help generate revenue. Do your existing marketing providers talk with you about visitor-to-lead rate, lead-to-appointment rate, or appointment-to-book service rate? If they can’t drive down to that level of measurable success metric, then they are really doing you a disservice.

Every one of our clients can view, real-time, the core success metrics via our online reporting portal. Additionally, our team of Senior Account Managers and Account Coordinators work together with your business to optimize the amount you spend on marketing based on real measurable ROI based metrics, not impressions, clicks, or views.