Key Factors in a Medical Practice Marketing Strategy

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Today, we’re going to discuss your media plan and its impact on your overall strategy for success in your practice. But first, let’s look at the tiers you need to consider in your overall strategy.

Profits & Lifestyle

First, it’s important to understand that your profits and your expectations on profits need to match your lifestyle. How often do you want to be in the office? How many hours do you want to put in to generate those profits?
"Your key performance indicators need to match your profits in order to support your lifestyle."

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Your key performance indicators need to match your profits in order to support your lifestyle.

Media Plan

Your media plan is one of the simplest things you can execute in your practice to increase efficiency, success and personal enjoyment in running your business. To create a successful media plan, you should:  

  • Understand the channels available to market your practice. Whether it’s your website, email marketing to your customer base, social media, offline or outdoor advertising, consider your options and decide which channels to utilize.
  • Prepare for seasonality. In elective healthcare, there are certain high seasons. For example, in the plastic/cosmetic and aesthetic services industry, you tend to see a higher volume of patients from January to March than August to October.
  • Break down the specific activities and promotions you want to do by month, by season and by which channel(s) you want to use.

Your media plan is so important because it basically becomes the north star of the day-to-day activity for your practice. The media plan allows business owners to accomplish their personal financial goals.

Additionally, if a media plan is put together and everybody in your business and in your practice is working off that plan, communication becomes more efficient. Understanding your key performance indicators becomes more transparent, and your business will run better.

Review your media plan weekly with your team, understand how it’s impacting your KPIs, and we can guarantee you will hit your profit expectations, and most importantly, your lifestyle expectations.