Integrating Data & Processes in Medical Marketing

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The operating philosophy of data and process integration is a mindset you should adopt to profitably run your medical practice. With respect to patient acquisition, it is important to integrate your process with the systems you have set up to acquire patients. Only through this integration can you share the important information to drive the most value out of the patient acquisition process.
"Process integration is a theory, and you want it to become the culture in your practice."

Data Integration

We’re going to define “data” as the phone and email lead information driven from your marketing channels. Analyze what leads come in from what marketing channels. By knowing where your consumers are coming from, you’ll better understand how your revenue is being acquired and what marketing strategies are effective for your aesthetic practice.

Data integration helps you more easily understand the patient acquisition process, which begins with acquiring a new lead and following it through to a purchase. The most effective way to utilize data integration in your office is by having cloud-based phone and practice management systems. Typically, cloud-based systems allow you to share information between systems, so you can track your return on investment (ROI) from different marketing channels.

If you don’t have cloud-based systems, you can use Microsoft Excel. You will need to have someone in your office proficient in Excel; if you don’t have a dedicated person, you can work with your accountant. You’ll want to export raw data on email leads (either out of your phone system or your practice management system) and match that data to the marketing channels/sources. Once you see where your leads are coming from, you can optimize your marketing strategies.

Process Integration

Theoretically, the patient acquisition process must be connected throughout your office so marketing creates lead generation which creates information in your practice management system. This will allow you to understand how to optimize your ROI for your practice, as well as your patient schedule (which is going to impact your ROI). The ultimate goal is to optimize your patient acquisition conversion rate.

Process integration is a theory, and you want it to become the culture in your practice. If you do that, you’ll maximize your profits within a matter of weeks.