Increase Leads by Publishing Procedure Costs on Your Website

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In the aesthetics industry, pricing is an especially sensitive topic. However, it can actually drive rankings, create a higher lead generation and patient acquisition, if handled with discretion.

Should I Put Pricing For Products And Services On My Website?

A common question from clients is whether or not they should put the actual pricing, or range of pricing, for procedures, products and services offered in the office, on their website—specifically on the product page the price is associated with. The answer? Yes. At the minimum, you should at least include a price range for procedures and services on your website—here’s why.
"The reality is, content drives search rankings."

Content Drives Search Rankings

The reality is, content drives search rankings. To illustrate, if you put the specific price or range of prices of your services and procedures on the website pages they’re associated with, you’re literally answering questions consumers are searching for online each day, through a search engine like Google or Bing.

Next, Google takes the content that answers the questions consumers are searching for, and puts them into what is called a ‘featured snippet.” The featured snippet is an actual square that shows up in the Google rankings, and it will put the exact answer to the question being asked in the Google search bar.

Driving Lead Generation

If you answer a consumer’s question within your content, that content has a greater chance of becoming a featured snippet, which will ultimately drive more rankings and generate more leads. We recommend if you don’t feel comfortable sharing the exact price, at least offering a price range for services and procedures on your website. This will drive your rankings, lead generation, patient acquisition, and ROI tracking process.