How To Communicate Practice Performance

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Patient acquisition and performance is an essential aspect of running a successful medical practice. As a result, it is important that everyone in the office understands the current state of practice performance so that the entire team can work together to continue growing and scaling the business. On the most basic level, having an agenda and regular timeframe will create a sustainable tempo within the office, to keep everyone up to date on how your practice is performing in the patient acquisition process. Here are a few tips for keeping communication flowing throughout the year.
"Patient acquisition and performance is an essential aspect of running a successful medical practice."


Every week, set aside time for a quick meeting to review the following:

Measure objectives—Review Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from the prior week.
Schedule—Look at the upcoming week from a patient and marketing schedule standpoint.
Issues and Resolutions—Address any concerns from the prior week.

In just fifteen minutes, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page, answer any questions, and set yourself up for success as you move forward.


Every month, set aside time for an hour-long meeting to review the following:

KPIs—Compare this month’s to the month prior, as well as on a year-over-year basis. This helps ensure that you are trending in the right direction.
Schedule—Take a look at the upcoming month and establish what marketing initiatives and events outside of the patient schedule are on the horizon.
Issues and Resolutions—Evaluate any large or long-standing issues (and any resolutions) that have come up recently in the practice. Commit to correcting those issues within the meeting or shortly thereafter.


Every quarter, spend half a day offsite to review the following:

KPIs—Review these metrics for the last quarter, as well as the last year.
Schedule—Take a larger look at your schedule over a quarter, to better understand the patient schedules as well as the marketing angle.
Issues and Resolutions—If there are any strategic concerns, now is the time to address those and implement the resolutions for the upcoming quarter.

By following this schedule, you will ensure that communication stays open and help facilitate a more productive and informed team that can truly work together for the improvement of your practice.