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For every different social media channel, you have to utilize a slightly different branding strategy. Facebook is a platform of opportunity. There are just under 2 billion people utilizing the website, so you don’t have to worry about exposure. It’s also free, which is a great benefit to both new and established medical practices.


One of the greatest assets to Facebook is that it provides a flexible, convenient way to deliver your message. You can post photos, videos, and written content all through one system. This gives you the ability to be genuine in who you are and the goals of your practice while creating a valuable message.
"One of the greatest assets to Facebook is that it provides a flexible, convenient way to deliver your message."

You can then take that message and distribute it through multiple mediums. This multifaceted system gives you great ability to engage with different kinds of interested consumers while you’re consistently providing them with your message.

With time, you will start to gain interest through likes, people sharing your content, writing comments, as well as direct engagement with the client. When you receive a message you want to respond to it.

Thank people for their positive reviews. Create a dialogue so potential consumers can get to know you even before they walk into your office. This is what branding is all about. You’re creating an opportunity to engage with those consumers – maximize it to the fullest.

When people respond to what you’re putting out there, from a direct marketing perspective, you are being given the ability to set up targeted ads. The ad targeting system on Facebook is becoming more effective every day, which is hugely valuable since it is showing ads to almost 2 billion people.

While it’s being fine-tuned on a consistent basis, the quality is still a little bit of a challenge right now, but the cost is very low. This provides you with a great way to experiment with targeted ads and allows you get into the game early.

What Not To Do

While posting constantly may be an effective strategy on some social media platforms, it is a bad strategy on Facebook. It is ok to post regularly, delivering messages about your business, videos, or creative content – but you don’t want to blow up prospective clients phones. One way to turn off customers almost immediately is to annoy them. Deliver valuable, informative, entertaining or educational content. Don’t post just to be posting.

You don’t want to use third-party content writers, either. You would have to pay these people hundreds-to-thousands of dollars per month to write social-media friendly content for you. It doesn’t work. You’re not creating a message that’s authentic to you or your practice.

Many times, people advertising those services are posting the same content across hundreds of other practices, so there’s no authenticity to it. It’s not going to be tied to your strategy.

To best represent your practice, have your team write the content themselves. Above all, you want your content, essentially your practice’s ‘words’, to be genuine. It’s better to post genuine content a couple of times a week, or even a couple of times a month, than posting something that’s not in line with your practice’s philosophy.

You don’t just want to leverage yourself on Facebook; represent your staff too. Leverage your team. Let your team take what they do to Facebook. By creating a genuine image of your practice, all members included, you maximize your branding potential.