Closed Loop Reputation Management

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It’s important to generate as many positive online reviews as possible for your practice, primarily for two reasons. One, it helps consumers evaluate your medical practice. Secondly, it allows for closed loop reputation management.

Closed Loop Reputation Management

This is defined as making sure when someone doesn’t have a great experience, the information gets back to you or the practice without the negative feedback going online. Send a survey out before reviews are generated online to encourage closed loop reputation management.
"The first thing you should do with the survey is ask the individual a question requiring a positive or negative response."

Sending Surveys

Anyone who has a consult or procedure should receive a survey. If the consult and procedure happen together or separately, send a survey out to the consumer anyway.

The first thing you should do with the survey is to ask the individual a question requiring a positive or negative response. Would they be willing to refer you to a friend or family member? Would they come back and see you again? You want to get a yes or no answer to your question.

Positive Response

If you get a positive affirmation, send the consumer to an online review source immediately. Use their valuable time to generate positive reviews rather than completing a survey. Direct them to Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Yelp, etc. or link them there directly.

Negative Response

If an individual responds negatively, drop them to the survey. Avoid having them put up an online review. You’re reaching out to them immediately after leaving the office, and you sent out a survey. The survey can be fed back immediately to your practice with the negative information.

This gives you the ability to educate yourself and your staff about the experience and what went wrong during the visit. It gives you the ability to reach out directly to that consumer via phone to discuss why they didn’t have a positive experience and figure out how to rectify the situation. This also gives you the opportunity to avoid having a negative review posted online.