Text vs. Email Marketing for Medical Practices

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These days, medical practices have more opportunities than ever before to contact their patients. As society becomes increasingly focused on the phone, many practices wonder if they should begin using texts or use email marketing to better reach their patients. Is one medium better than another? Are there any downsides? And should your practice use both? The short answer is that nether form of communication is arbitrarily better. Your practice can and should use both and optimize them to reach your desired audience. Here is what you need to know about text and email marketing:
"At the end of the day, both text and email are useful tools for your practice, as they may appeal to different consumers."

The Realities of Text

One of the major benefits of using text marketing is that it can reach the attention-challenged consumer. Those who may not read an entire email or who may not have the time to click through several layers to get to the message will be more accessible with a simple text message on their phone.

That said, the major con of a text message is that it lacks creativity. When crafting text marketing, you will have to rely solely on the written word to engage your audience. This can pose a different challenge, but certainly not an impossible one. If your message has value, the consumer will respond.

The Realities of Email

When it comes to email, a major positive attribute is the freedom for creativity and brand support. You can design your message to align with your practice’s branding and create eye-catching material that may engage a more aesthetically minded consumer.

On the other hand, email is often considered more time-consuming, especially when it comes to marketing. You may also have more competition for your consumer’s attention in their inbox, as they are required to sift through everything else they have received to see your message.

Use Both and Optimize

At the end of the day, both text and email are useful tools for your practice, as they may appeal to different consumers. When you use both, you ensure your message has a more widespread reach. As with all marketing, things will change over time, and you may become aware of specific emerging trends within your practice. Keep your eyes open to these shifts, be ready to adjust your strategy accordingly, and your practice will continue to experience success.