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Coachlight Case Study

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In-depth, detailed examination of the RSI CRM & EMR solution for Coachlight Medical Spa.

Coachlight is an award-winning medical spa and aesthetics practice known as a destination for beauty and wellness. They are committed to delivering results-driven treatments and an exceptional guest experience.

The Results

January 2023 – October 2023

  • $231,565 revenue generated
  • 5,500+ patients contacted
  • 1,007 appointments generated
  • 22% contact to appointment rate
  • 95.7% text success rate

The Journey

Coachlight had been leveraging techniques at the front office to book a patient’s next visit at check out, downloading custom lists from their EMR and sending emails, and sending monthly specials to inactive patients. This led them to engage with the marketplace on their EMR’s website to find a solution that could deliver their notifications automatically.

The Challenge

Numerous challenges arise when keeping patients informed about their recommended treatment plan for recurring procedures. Ideally, patients would leave their appointment with their next appointment booked. However, for a number of reasons, many patients are not comfortable booking 90 days out. Even when they do book that far in advance, the practice is juggling an ever-changing schedule, which increases the burden on the front office to productively manage provider and patient expectations.

Coachlight wanted to institute automation to achieve the following:

Automated notifications that would factor in past appointments and future availability, prompting patients to book their next visit at the optimal times.

Create a filtering process that would move patients across automated cues so that there are numerous recommendations to keep the patient on-schedule for their recommended treatment plan.

Leverage connected systems that would provide a link between their UCAS platform (RingCentral) and EMR.

The Discovery

Through analysis of their current processes, Coachlight found that automating solutions through connected software would be able to deliver notifications at the right time. In order to execute on their plan, they needed to transition from their existing telephone carrier to a modern UCAS solution, like RingCentral, that integrated with RSI and their EMR.

Through finding RSI in their EMR’s marketplace they were able to leverage technology to deliver the following solutions:

Marketing Automation: RSI automatically delivers reminder messages throughout the patient journey, dependent on unique and specific data. RSI is able to provide notifications on an individual patient basis. Examples of the types of messages being deployed via email and SMS include:

  • Patient Recall & Reactivation Campaigns – It is critical for both patients and the practice to ensure patients are coming back at the appropriate intervals for treatment. In clinical and elective healthcare, the level of effort that goes into acquiring a patient far surpasses the level of effort to keep a patient within the continuum of care.
  • Patient Lead Nurturing Campaigns – When patients inquire about certain procedures, but do not book appointments, RSI continues to stay in touch with patients to educate them on why they should choose Coachlight as their care provider.
  • Pre-Appointment Education – Improving patient education prior to an appointment increases patient, provider, and practice satisfaction. This helps reduce inbound calls for recurring patient questions, speeds up the appointment process, and ensures that appointments are not ineffective due to unprepared patients.
  • Post-Appointment Instructions – RSI automatically delivers email or SMS links to instructions for post-treatment care. This ensures that patients have instructions when they need them the most. It reduces the burden of printed paper on both the office and the patient, while ensuring they have access to instructions at their own discretion.

Connected VOIP – Rather than finding additional vendors with new SMS costs, Coachlight selected a new UCAS VOIP provider that connected with RSI in RingCentral. This allowed Coachlight to deliver communications using the phone numbers that their patients were familiar and comfortable with, rather than purchasing new numbers and paying new SMS carrier fees.

Connected EMR – RSI integrated with their EMR, Nextech, via API to automate the delivery process, in real time, based on patient appointment data.

The Process Implentation

Implementing a platform across the organization was a 4 week process. RSI connected via automatic API with RingCentral and Nextech to ensure all data was flowing as desired. In order to achieve the level of information Coachlight needed internally, RSI built custom messages that would automatically deliver to each patient via SMS and email. There has been on-going support, education, training, and meetings with executive leadership to ensure focus and achievement of the end goals.

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