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Bonmente Case Study

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In-depth, detailed examination of the RSI CRM & EMR solution for Bonmente.

Bonmente is a mental health provider that offers technology-forward psychiatric care for all mental health conditions and provides treatment plans uniquely customized just for their patients.

The Results

  • 31,000 surveys sent
  • 1,000 google reviews generated
  • 91% patient satisfaction

The Journey

Bonmente had attempted to gather data from patients manually. They had tried traditional methods of collecting insights about their experience by asking patients verbally to leave feedback online.

The Challenge

It was challenging for Bonmente to gather patient experience insights across their patients, by provider and appointment type, due to the volume of patients and nature of the specialty care they provide.

Their goal was to:

Automated solutions that would provide transparency into patient care experience.

Improve visibility online for patients seeking care about the experience other individuals had with their practice.

Leverage connected systems that would provide a link between their telecommunication platform and EMR.

The Discovery

Through analysis of their current processes, Bonmente found that manually collecting data led to limited input from their patients. This led to little feedback for the organization and its providers to improve the overall care that their patients received. It also led to a limited view online about what a patient could expect during their time with Bonmente.

Through finding RSI in their EMR’s marketplace, they were able to achieve the following:

Reputation Management – RSI automatically delivers post-appointment surveys and feedback communications to patients, generating valuable insights into the patient experience while increasing reviews on platforms such as Google and Meta.

Connected VOIP – Rather than finding additional vendors with new SMS costs, Bonmente was able to connect their UCAS VOIP provider, RingCentral, to RSI and leverage their existing technology. This allowed Bonmente to deliver communications using the phone numbers that their patients were familiar and comfortable with, rather than purchasing new numbers and paying new SMS carrier fees.

Connected EMR – RSI integrated with their EMR, drChrono, via API to automate the delivery process, in real time, based on patient appointment data.

The Process Implentation

Implementing a platform across the organization was a 2-week process. RSI connected via automatic API with RingCentral and drChrono to ensure all data was flowing as desired. In order to achieve the level of information Bonmente needed internally, RSI built custom survey questions that would automatically deliver to each patient via SMS and email, after their case. Through this process, RSI was also able to identify key internal reports that could then be delivered to the executive leadership team and providers at Bonmente.

There has been on-going support, education, training, and meetings with executive leadership to ensure focus and achievement of the end goals.

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