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Aloha Laser Vision Case Study

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In-depth, detailed examination of the RSI CRM & EMR solution for Aloha Laser Vision.

Aloha Laser Vision is an ophthalmology practice specializing in a full range of eye and vision care procedures including laser vision correction, cataract surgery, and treatment for many common eye and ophthalmic conditions.

The Results

  • 90 day over 90 day analysis
  • 161% decrease in time to contact inquiries
  • 4.3% increase in same day booking
  • 5.9% increase in appointments
  • 20% recall notification to appointment booked rate
  • 72% email open rate on pre/post appointment education

The Journey

Aloha Laser Vision had been leveraging techniques to catalog patient data through their marketing agency’s back-end web system, Excel files, and an outdated telephony system. They set out to find a system that would connect efficient lead management processes and marketing with their EMR. ALV also wanted to improve their telephony software to a program that connected to all of their records, from lead to patient. They attempted to use various processes provided by their marketing partners and the technology ecosystem of their EMR, however, they were unable to find a solution to this problem.

The Challenge

Managing a multi-specialty ophthalmology practice is a challenging task that requires the right technologies, partners and data. Ophthalmology is ultra-competitive when it comes to generating leads and patients, which means every dollar spent needs to be managed as efficiently and effectively as possible. Aloha Laser Vision found themselves unable to get the data that they needed to drive their business forward as well as make business decisions around marketing and operations that impacted their bottom line.

Additionally, with a complex range of procedures, most automated solutions available for healthcare practices today are limited in their capabilities. With patients visiting Aloha Laser Vision for a wide range of procedures, it was never a feasible option to fully train staff and give them the tools to educate patients about the care they needed.

Their goal was to:

Institute a CRM to support managing, maintaining and converting leads to appointments.

Integrated VOIP to improve patient experience at point of call and communication through the timeline of interaction.

Track marketing initiatives to understand profitability of their organic marketing and paid advertising efforts through the entire patient funnel.

Automate communications inclusive of lead nurturing campaigns, pre/post appointment education, and patient reactivation campaigns.

The Discovery

Through analysis of their current processes, Aloha Laser Vision found that an automated and connected software solution could be delivered by combining RSI, RingCentral, and Modernizing Medicine. In order to execute on their plan, they needed to transition from their existing telephone carrier to a modern UCAS solution like RingCentral, which integrates with RSI and their EMR. This was brought to them by RSI to ensure a smooth transition.

After finding RSI in their EMR’s marketplace, they were able to leverage technology to deliver the following solutions:

Analytics Suite – through connection with marketing data, RingCentral, and Modernizing Medicine data, RSI has the most complete and comprehensive set of analytics available in the market. Traditionally, practices have silos of this information in varying platforms separated further by varying levels of access.

CRM – Sitting between RingCentral, Modernizing Medicine, and marketing, RSI has a unique position to allow for immediate patient identification by pulling forward all necessary details for staff to have at point of contact. This has helped capture, qualify, and convert leads in an efficient manner, reducing time on the phone while increasing conversion rate.

Marketing Automation – with near real-time access to patient information, office interaction, and medical care, RSI delivers precise information related to procedure information, pre-appointment instructions, post-procedure instructions, and patient recall notifications at the exact time for optimal response rates and results.

Connected VOIP – Rather than finding additional vendors with new SMS costs, Aloha Laser Vision selected a new UCAS VOIP, RingCentral, which connects with RSI. This allowed Aloha Laser Vision to deliver communications using the phone numbers that their patients were familiar and comfortable with, rather than purchasing new numbers and paying new SMS carrier fees.

The Process Implentation

Implementing a platform across the organization was a 4-week process! RSI connected via automatic API with RingCentral and Modernizing Medicine to ensure all data was flowing as desired. In order to achieve the level of information Aloha Laser Vision wanted to deliver to patients, RSI built custom messages via SMS and email that would automatically deliver to each patient. Each message was customized to their specific medical and educational needs.

There has been on-going support, education, training, and meetings with executive leadership to ensure focus and achievement of the end goals.

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