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ROI Tracking & Reporting

  • Access lead management analytics
  • Access patient purchase analytics
  • Learn how to optimize your schedule for best attendance rates
  • Understand marketing revenue generation
  • Track the lifetime value of a patient

Patient Acquisition

Patient Relationship Management

  • Centralize inbound & outbound communication
  • Automate lead follow-up
  • Convert more leads into paying patients
  • Reduce staff workload
  • Two-way patient texting

Appointment Reminders

  • Automated consultation appointment reminders via text, phone and email
  • Increase patient attendance rates

Online Scheduling

  • Integrated with your practice management software
  • Ability to schedule appointments 24/7
  • Customize procedure types and providers available for self-scheduling

Patient Retention

Patient Surveys

  • Email and text practice-branded satisfaction surveys to patients automatically after appointments

Patient Recall Marketing

  • Automated and targeted drip campaigns for treatment recommendations and follow-up
  • Automated communication to keep patient treatment plan on track
  • Automated education pre- and post-consultation regarding appointment or procedure type

Online Review Generation & Management

  • Drive more online reviews automatically
  • Notifications of new Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews
  • Track your average online ratings

Patient Scheduling Call Center

Patient Scheduling Rollover

  • RSI captures, qualifies and schedules missed calls and web leads
  • Reduce the opportunity costs of missed calls and mishandled web leads
  • Improve the in-person experience at your front desk



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