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Alta Vista Dermatology is a high-volume dermatology practice with one location outside of Denver, CO. Their practice is split into two suites; one suite is dedicated to medical dermatology and the other suite is dedicated to cosmetic dermatology. Although the practice did an excellent job at acquiring new patients, they recognized they had room for improvement in regards to patients returning for new treatments.


Prior to implementing our patient retention software, Alta Vista Dermatology front desk staff was placing manual calls to patients reminding them they were overdue for treatments. The only time the patient was ever upsold on a different treatment was when they were visiting their provider. Online reviews from happy patients were also only verbally requested by the staff. Although they had countless satisfied patients, their online reputation suffered because they weren’t consistently asking patients to leave feedback.

How Our Product Helped

Our patient retention software provided Dr. Szabo and her team at Alta Vista Dermatology with three essential tools.

  1. Online review generation
  2. Patient satisfaction surveys
  3. Patient recall marketing

Online Review Generation

After every attended appointment, an email gets sent to the patient asking if they would recommend Alta Vista Dermatology to a friend or family member. If the patient replies “yes,” they are immediately prompted to leave a review on Google, Facebook or Yelp.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

If the patient replies “no,” they would not recommend the practice to a friend, they are redirected to a five-question survey for the opportunity to leave feedback. The practice can then evaluate their feedback internally and make any necessary improvements.

In addition to sending a survey to unsatisfied patients to evaluate negative feedback, the software also allows the practice to send a survey to the satisfied “yes” responders. This way, they can also evaluate what patients like about the practice to ensure those practices continue.

Patient Recall Marketing

Prior to RSI’s patient recall marketing tools, the practice was using Solutionreach to contact patients overdue for appointments. These plans included reaching out to patients with skin cancer if more than six months passed since their last appointment, following up with patients with acne who missed their scheduled appointments, and following up with patients who cancelled their last appointment.

Since transfering to RSI’s patient recall marketing, Alta Vista Dermatology has expanded their recall efforts to sending automated email follow-ups to the following groups:

  • Anyone who came in for a consultation but has not yet booked a treatment will receive the following:
  • After one day, they are sent the patient resource links to common FAQs.
  • After 30 days, they remind the patient of their financing options.
  • A personal message on the patient’s birthday.
  • If a short-term injectable patient has not made another quarterly appointment, they are sent information about longer-lasting fillers.
  • Surgery patients are prompted to leave reviews about their recovery and results 90 days after their operation.
  • Their top clients for dermal fillers and injectables are offered VIP invitations to private injectable parties.

Results and Return on Investment

Customer Since2018
Total New Patient Revenue$257,201
Total Return on Investment192%
Patient Acquisition Suite
Percent of Appointments Confirmed Via Reminder87%
Attendance Rate86%
Patient Retention Suite
Surveys Sent20,395
Surveys Answered2,942
Reviews Given83

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